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VRS Mounting Bracket


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Depending on the rig you have, you may or may not need this optional VRS Mounting Bracket for the VRS DirectForce Pro Wheelbase. If your rig already comes with a front motor mounting bracket, they you don’t need this VRS Mounting Bracket. For bottom mounting, you’ll likely need to order this VRS Mounting Bracket.

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VRS Mounting Bracket

Introducing the VRS Mounting Bracket for the VRS DirectForce Pro Wheelbase! This accessory brings convenience and stability to your racing setup. With easy installation and adjustable features, it ensures a secure fit for your wheelbase, allowing you to focus on your virtual racing experience. The VRS Mounting Bracket is designed to enhance your gameplay, providing a solid platform that minimizes vibrations and enhances precision. Take your racing to new heights with the VRS Mounting Bracket and enjoy a more immersive, realistic feel. Upgrade your setup today and revolutionize your racing experience with this must-have accessory.

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