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Introducing the VRS DirectForce Pro Wheelbase! This high-performance wheelbase is built to take your racing experience to the next level. With its advanced technology and precise force feedback, you’ll feel every turn, bump, and acceleration like never before. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate racing experience with the VRS Directforce Pro Wheelbase. The VRS DirectForce Pro Wheelbase consists of the VRS controller, the 20Nm Small MiGE motor, 3m motor cables, high quality USB cable and AC power cord.

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VRS DirectForce Pro Wheelbase

The VRS Directforce Pro Wheelbase is an exceptional addition to your racing setup. Crafted with precision and designed for speed, this wheelbase delivers unparalleled performance on the track. With its advanced force feedback system, you’ll feel every bump and turn, immersing you in the race like never before. The Directforce Pro Wheelbase is also incredibly durable, ensuring it can withstand even the most intense racing sessions. Take your racing experience to the next level with the VRS Directforce Pro Wheelbase and unleash your true potential on the virtual track.

Take control and feel the force

An intimate connection with the car and tires to feel what they’re doing is crucial for every racer. The VRS DirectForce Pro Wheelbase is your point of contact with the virtual track as you sit in your rig. The simulation becomes real with up to 20Nm of force through the steering wheel. In fact, its equipped to be more powerful than 99% of racers will ever need. However, it’s not just about force. It’s also how quickly and accurately the wheel can deliver those forces. You’ll feel even the tiniest of changes in grip under low and high load conditions. When the rear steps out, the necessary correction will have been carried out through your hands before you even realize what happened. #iRacingWheelBase

MiGE motor

The VRS DirectForce Pro Wheelbase features the popular MiGE 130ST-M10010 (“Small” MiGE) motor, at its heart. It’s so responsive that any lag is essentially imperceptible. The motor unit is almost entirely free from internal inertia and friction and it was originally conceived for far more demanding applications than sim racing. Providing precision, power (20Nm peak), and durability, this motor can connect to several third-party steering wheel rims via our hub adapter. With the VRS DirectForce Pro Wheelbase you’ll finally obtain the ultimate experience in sim racing.

VRS wheel base controller

The MiGE motor is controlled by the VRS DirectForce Pro Wheelbase controller known as the “brain” of the solution. Inside the compact steel enclosure is a custom engineered all-in-one USB force feedback & motor controller board bundled with a 400W fanless PSU and brake resistor.

On top of that, the controller algorithms measure, and compensate for, any inherent friction or notchy feeling in the motor when powering up through a phasing period of a few seconds making the MiGE motor deliver a precise and uniform response throughout its full range of motion that is unparalleled within the sim racing world.


Weight 14 kg

The VRS® DirectForce® Pro Wheel Base is so responsive that any lag is essentially imperceptible. The motor unit is almost entirely free from internal inertia and friction, and its industry leading construction only allows movement along the axis it’s intended to move in.

Unique controller algorithms are designed to deliver a precise and uniform range of motion by measuring and compensating for any leftover friction or notchy feeling in the motor, when powering up through a phasing period of a few seconds.

Advanced firmware and software offers comprehensive control over filters and effects minus any gimmicks or unnecessary fluff to ensure you a tailored, immersive, authentic and ultimately class leading experience.


Our engineers have carefully selected the highest quality materials for the VRS® DirectForce® Pro Wheel Base. Housing both the premium electronics on our custom PCB and its high-quality fanless PSU is an ultra-compact, rugged and powder-coated steel enclosure, complete with vent holes for optimal air circulation. With its CNC-machined aluminium body and stainless steel shaft and bearings, the MiGE's weight of 12kg speaks for itself. Connecting the system together are double-shielded heavy-gauge cables and rugged metal connectors.

Scope of Delivery

The VRS® DirectForce® Pro Wheel Base consists of: the VRS DirectForce Pro controller, which is a custom engineered all-in-one USB FFB motor controller, in a compact 5x16x18cm enclosure, complete with built-in 400W Mean Well PSU. The 20Nm MiGE motor with 22 bit BISS-C encoder and customized for the VRS DirectForce Pro controller.

3 meter motor power and encoder cables with double-shielding and quality metal connectors. A 2 meter double-shielded USB cable and an AC power cord for the respective region.


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