Ascher Racing Lenkrad McLaren Artura Pro-SC


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This is the pro version of the Ascher Racing / McLaren Artura wheel, designed for the Simucube V2 Wheelbase, it features all the functionality of the Sport version of the wheel, but with added extras.

This wheel is officially licensed and crafted in collaboration with the iconic automaker, and is designed to mimic the McLaren Artura GT4’s steering wheel, this racing wheel boasts true-to-life components for an authentic racing experience.

The wheel is machined from automotive grade aluminium, and features innovative Gen 6 magnetic and silenced paddles for unparalleled precision feedback. Damped rubber stops and pre-loaded ball bearings eliminate play, while premium contactless hall switches ensure unwavering reliability.

With over 100 programmable inputs, including 14 buttons, four thumb encoders, multifunctional seven-way joysticks, and 12-position redary switches, you have complete control at your fingertips. The high-quality RGB illuminated automotive push buttons offer tactile feedback and can be individually customised. Each button comes with included laser-labelled custom caps featuring standard motorsport icons, making customisation a breeze.

If you love GT racing, then this is certainly a wheel for you to consider!

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