Ascher Racing F64-SC V3 – Wireless


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The Ascher Racing F64-USB V3 Wheel replicates many of the functions of a racing wheel, combined with Ascher Racing’s innovative approach to making Sim Racing products.

The wheel features *Checks notes* Two 7-way joysticks, two magnetic shift paddles, contactless clutch paddles, integrated radially mounted thumb encoders on the side, and more with a total of 64 inputs. Everything you need to make in race adjustments such as ABS / engine mapping, DRS / KERS / P2P activation, brake bias, and of course hitting the pit limiter.

If you’re looking for an exceptional racing wheel to help you maximise your lap times, this is a contender in any category.

This wireless version of the wheel is compatible only with the Simucube V2, however a USB version is also available which works on many direct drive wheelbases.

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