Round 1 REPORT

TimestampCar(s) InvolvedDescription of incidentPenaltyNotes
0:03:0099, 4, 91, 6, 14, 64Car #4 comes into turn 1 brakes later than car #99 and makes front to rear contact with the #99. This then causes multiple cars behind to try and make avoiding moves and various contacts in the run off. These are considered racing incidents due to the initial contact. Due to the #99 getting a meatball from the incident the stewards deem the #4 at fault#4 20s PenaltyMeatball #99
0:03:479, 90Noted Outside Top 10NFA
0:10:05198, 18Car #198 lapping car #18 has netcode contact when side by side. Racing incidentNFA
0:19:2790, 368Car #90 into turn 11 makes an attempt to overtake the car #368 under braking. Car #368 moves left pointing the car towards the apex before the normal point whilst braking which moves the #368 into the line of car #90, causing contact to be made. The opinion of the stewards is this was self inflicted and a racing incident.NFA
0:20:49368, 7Noted Outside Top 10NFA
0:32:08100, 001Noted Outside Top 10NFA
0:47:308, 3Car #8 loses control through 130R and car #3 tries to avoid contact, but contact is made and car #3 gains a meatball flag. It is the opinion of the stewards that this was a racing incident.NFAMeatball #3
0:57:283, 67Car #67 through turn 1 has a slide and saves the car, but is significantly slower due to the slide and this means that car #3 has nowhere to go and makes contact with car #67. It is the opinion of the stewards that car #3 had very little time to react to the incident in front of them and therefore we deem this a racing incidentNFAMeatball #67
1:02:21189, 191, 71Cars #191 & #189 are battling for position through Spoon curve, car #189 is pinched to the apex and is compromised through the corner allowing car #71 to get a run on them, but makes front to rear contact wih #189. It is the opinion of the stewards that this was avoidable and a penalty to be applied#71 5s Penalty
1:10:1221, 64, 696Car #696 is lapping car #21 through the esses and car #64 tries to dive through an ever closing gap and makes contact with car #21 giving them damage. In the opinion of the stewards Car #64 is at fault.#64 20s Penalty
1:18:152, 64Car #64 attempts to lap car #2 through the esses when the gap is closing on them. Avoidable contact is made and car #64 self spins. As this is the second incident of this kind by car #64 the stewards opinion is that a penalty should apply.#64 5s Penalty
1:19:0010, 14Car 10 loses control through the first Degner and car #14 has no place to go to avoid contact. Racing IncidentNFA
1:28:3389, 198Car #198 loses control through the Degners and on corner exit the car #89 attempts to pass car #198 which is still recovering from it's loss of control an contact is made, Racing Incident.NFA
1:45:241, 18Car #1 was lapping car #18 into the first Degner when there is netcode contact between the two. Car #1 did leave space so was unlikely that contact would have happened. Racing Incident.NFA
1:46:105, 21Car #5 makes a late attempt to lap car #21 into turn 1. Car #21 has already committed to the corner and turned into the corner when car #5 is 2 car lengths behind. Netcode contact is noted, however it is the opinion of the stewards that contact was inevitable. Car #21 gets a meatball from this incident so a penalty is to be applied.#5 20s PenaltyMeatball #21
1:57:045, 100Car #5 was attempting to lap car #100 into Dulop curve when car #100 appears to slightly change line at the same time that car #5 commits to the wide line. Both lines converge and contact is made. Racing Incident.NFA
2:00:307, 16Noted Outside Top 10NFA
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