Racespot are proud to continue our partnership with BMW, having broadcasted every BMW 120 and SIM GT CUP race on iRacing, as well as providing full sim racing broadcast coverage at BMW SIM LIVE since 2019*. Racespot have also been responsible for overseeing the Race Control, Stewarding and on site sim related technical support at BMW SIM LIVE since 2019 (Both when events were on site and virtually).

Racespot are responsible for managing the results of BMW M SIM CUP 2023. As a part of this, Racespot are also responsible for providing stewarding overview of the drivers and teams who finish in the top 10 of each race, to ensure that participants conduct themselves within the spirit of fair racing, and are authorised by BMW an their partners to investigate and apply penalties where incidents cause moderate – significant disadvantage to other teams by intentional / ‘at fault’ contact, unsportsmanlike behavious, and failing to adhere to core racing rules and regulations.

This section provides an overview of activities for the series, as well as a summery of the incidents and outcomes for each race, details of each race (including broadcast links and replays), as well as confirmed results and standings. For further information, please visit the BMW SIM RACING DISCORD.

*We didn’t provide coverage of the rFactor 2 event in 2020.

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