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Although we started off as ‘Just an Esports Broadcaster’, since we began our journey in 2013 we have developed into a multi-layered, full service provider of Esports Sim Racing Events. We are arguably the most innovative Sim Racing broadcaster around, and we have been at the forefront of bringing the quality of Esports Sim Racing events and broadcasts in line with their circuit based counterparts. Whilst broadcasting Sim Races is our ‘bread and butter’ work, it is only the start of a vast array of services we offer.

Our senior team have successfully run our own events and series for almost a decade, and we have worked with major partners around the world to make the transition into, and vision of Sim Racing as easy, natural, and closely matched to their on track activities as possible. We organised, hosted, managed and broadcasted iRacing’s first 24 Hour event, and have since worked across Oval, Road, Rallycross, Hillclimb and Dirt style events bringing our reputation for passion, unwavering quality, and entertainment along the way.

Whilst we have a wide range of services we can offer, our strength comes from being able to tailor to our clients specific requirements, including reacting to the inevitable changes / needs that arise during the course of delivering a project. We know that every event is different, with it’s own unique KPIs and audience reach needs, and we can adapt to meet the needs of the series, it’s sponsors and audiences. This flows across our visual presentation, branding, commentary, direction, and promotion.

Everything we do, we do with care, attention, fun, and a degree of sarcastic humour. We’ve run events for charity, small communities and die-hard sim racing audiences, to supporting Porsche in their journey into Sim Racing, including their first ever Esports event at IAA Frankfurt. We’ve brought the world together with multi-national competitions such as the World Cup of iRacing and the VCO Cup of Nations, and seen drivers chase glory in World Championship Series, 24 Hour Endurance Events, and virtual Indianapolis 500 mile races. We’ve worked with NASCAR, BMW, Mazda, Eurosport, Mobil 1, Sim Racing Expo, Radio Show Limited and more, and even gave Verizon their biggest viewership during their successful 2020 ‘Pay It Forward Live’ Campaign.

We Are RaceSpot: We truly believe we are the best in the business, and we invite you to challenge us to make your Esports Sim Racing Vision come true.


Our main output remains the same as it has done from day one. Live, online, Esports Sim Racing Broadcasts. 

We broadcast over 200 live events a year, and have over 2.5 Million views on our YouTube Channel, and were the most viewed broadcaster on the iRacing Esports Network which ran between 2018 and 2021, with approximately 40% audience share across 6 different broadcasters. We have broadcasted events in Danish, English, Finnish, German, Korean, Norweigan, Portuguese, and Spanish making us the world’s Sim Racing Broadcaster.

Our work has appeared across multiple TV networks both live and on highlights packages, including Eurosport, Sport 1, Ziggo Sports, BT Sport, Motors TV and more. Our team have also helped in the production of events alongside iRacing broadcast on FS1 and NBCSN.

We know it’s important to stream to where your viewers are, not to where your broadcaster tells you to. That’s why we make it seemless and painless to stream to multiple destinations at once, to exactly where you want your content to go. Need a mix of YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, a couple of RTMP pull links and real time production feeds for commentators or your event team? Easy. We’ll even explain how we can use cutting edge technology to make the process even easier, more reliable, and of course, whilst maintaining the quality you expect.

Hype video promoting your event? We’ve got you covered. Highlights of your race / series made into something for your viewers and sponsors to relish? We’ve got you covered there too. Want some highlights ready instantly after your race is complete? It’ll take some energy drinks, but we can make that one happen too.

It’s not just video. We can also provide you with voice-overs, soundbytes and more to add even more excitement to your content. Tie it in with some social media buzz, and it’ll be Sim Racing’s equivalent of a Michigan – Ohio State game. We can look after each aspect for you, from design, to production, distribution and promotion on various social media platforms.

Our team have been running Sim Racing events for over a decade. We know how important it is for a Sim Racing event to run smoothly, to time, and of course with fair competition, and we have all the tools to make this happen.

We have run events for clients such as the FIA, Porsche, and BMW, producing everything from registration packs to rulebooks, schedules to test sessions, and ensuring everything works to plan on the day. We design events both with the viewing audience and competitors in mind, to ensure that we replicate events on asphalt (Or dirt, etc) as closely as possible, whilst recognising some of the unique challenges and opportunities Sim Racing provides.

We are there on the day running each aspect of the event as required by our clients. This can include live race control and event stewarding, supporting output for social media, client and team relations, and technical support. We also know what to do if the worst happens and things go wrong, and we have backup plans for our backup plans’ backup plans.

We are trusted and respected by Sim Racing teams to be fair, impartial and consistent, and by our clients to ensure that each step of communication, regulation and promotion are realised throughout the planning of and execution of events. So much so, we set up another company just to look after this aspect of our work.

When the going get’s tough, we’re prepared. Why? Because we’ve been on site with you, preparing for every possible eventuality, and working the long hours so that come showtime, the only mistakes we want to see are from the drivers themselves.

Our Live Events arm are ready to come on site and help you in various aspects of managing and supporting your event; from ensuring drivers, teams and talent are at the right place at the right time, to co-ordinating rehearsals, ensuring tech is setup correctly and consistently, and dealing with problems in such a way your audience doesn’t realise something’s happening behind the scenes. We can help ensure you get feeds and signals to the places they need to be both on and off site, as well as ensuring that broadcast talent and crew get the images they need to do their job.

Of course, this is a highly bespoke service, and success here is based on planning, co-ordination with other teams, and of course keeping our massive egos in check. We know that how much is invested into doing massive events such as IAA Frankfurt, and our job is to be the smooth, moving parts needed to make the big picture and vision a reality.


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