Wil Vincent

Although Wil Vincent used to spend a lot of his childhood perfecting the perfect Murray Walker impression, he never thought that he would end up being a Sim Racing commentator, less so one of the most recognisable voices in Sim Racing. A mixture of timing, luck, and occasional effort has made this the case however, and today, Wil’s voice is synonymous not just with RaceSpot TV, but iRacing.

Wil’s foray in to commentating took a long winded path, starting with Student Radio, where he honed his public speaking and journalistic skills. Through his role as the Head of Music for the station, he was able to interview many up and coming acts, and cites his proudest moment in radio as being the time he was able to get Frank Turner to play to his most bored crowd ever. Within 18 months, he was opening the Olympic Games opening ceremony. Wil is very up front about the fact that being a ‘Disk Jockey’ and presenter helped shape the foundations for his future commentary career, instilling a sense of belief in his public speaking, and the need to constantly review the quality of his work.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Wil properly jumped onboard the iRacing commentary train, though he did commentate a couple of races in 2011, most notably the Dan Wheldon 77, held in honour of the Englishman who lost his life in the 2011 IndyCar World Championship at Las Vegas. IndyCar was monumental in getting Wil into iRacing through the incessant iRacing commercials on the IndyCar Live Streaming page, and it would play a hallmark in his Sim Racing career. To date, Wil has called over a dozen Indy 500 events on iRacing, and along with Paul Jenkins and Aaron Likens, leads the most celebrated IndyCar commentary teams in Sim Racing.

In 2012, Wil joined Glacier TV, and quickly became their lead commentator, leading their coverage of the 2012 Skip Barber and Grand-Am Premier Series, and latterly the 2012 Pro Series of Road Racing. This ultimately led to Wil becoming the lead commentator for the 2013 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series in 2013, which also provided the platform for him to commentate his first iRacing Indy 500 and the iRacing All Star Race. Though this was in the centre of the first large ‘boom period’ of sim race broadcasting, there were many lessons still to learn, which proved to help shape the direction of RaceSpot in years to come.

2014 began with uncertainty, as, for various reasons, there was no broadcaster in place to provide coverage for World Championship events. Wil, working flat out with Hugo Luis and others, helped to found, launch, and bid for coverage of said events within a week. This ambitious project was to be called RaceSpot, building on a seed sown elsewhere, to develop it into a fully-fledged broadcasting brand. With World Championship coverage secured, other rights soon followed, and Wil quickly became involved in the day to day running of RaceSpot, eventually becoming a co-owner with Hugo Luis. Wil appeared on the opening RaceSpot Webcast, and set the tone for what was to come next.

As part of RaceSpot TV, Wil is in charge of client relations, forming partnerships with a number of organisations. He has been praised his ‘up front’ approach in this area, ensuring that every client feels valued regardless of the level of partnership, or the ‘prestige’ of a series broadcasted. He also has responsibility for the recruitment and development of the RaceSpot commentary team, serving as mentor to a number of the team. He also was in charge of organising the first ever 24 hour race on the iRacing service, latterly described as a ‘stupidly ambitious project which we were sure we’d fail in achieving’.

Today, Wil still covers racing series for all disciplines of Motorsports, and is recognised for his dynamic and personal broadcasting style. He was shortlisted for the final of the Motors TV Commentary competition in 2014, and has endorsements from iRacing, Motors TV and IndyCar.

Wil’s dream is to one day call the Indy 500, and is currently branching out into American Football commentary to supplement his Motorsports work. Wil is also a keen comic, and hopes to release his first stand up performance in 2016. A big difference from his day to day job of Town Planning, lecturing and research in student experience.


Quite simply, there is no one better than Wil when it comes to providing a voice to go with the storylines created on the racetrack.

His passion is infectious, and his knowledge, especially of IndyCar is unmatched by almost all in the business. He’s a real asset to the industry, and we could do with more voices like him

Recent Experience

  • 2012

    Glacier TV

    Lead commentator for Skip Barber And Grand-Am Premier Series and the 2012 Pro Series Of Road Racing.

  • 2013

    Glacier TV

    Lead commentator for the 2013 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, iRacing Special Events, and iRacing All Star Race.

  • 2014

    Motors TV

    Finalist in 2014 Motors TV / Autosport International commentator competition.

  • 2014

    RaceSpot TV

    Lead commentator for the 2014 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, and iRacing Special Events.

  • 2015

    RaceSpot TV & iRacing Live

    Lead Commentator For The 2015 IRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, And 2015 IRacing World Tour.

  • 2016

    RaceSpot TV & iRacing Live

    Lead Commentator For The 2016 IRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, 2016 BlancPain GT Endurance Series, RaceSpot PrimeTime and iRacing Special Events.