Randolph Chenowth

Randy is an avid gamer with racing fuel running through his veins, almost literally. If you talk to an american racing driver from the 50s or 60s, there is a good chance they know of Randys lineage in some way shape or form. From Baja Racing, Short track open wheel, and Indy Car, to Land Speed cars and the NHRA, there were few branches of motorsport that Southern California offered in the 1950s and 1960s that wasn’t in some way influenced by the Chenowth name. Legends of the Road courses and Ovals Mario Andretti and Parnelli Jones, as well as legend of the drag strips, lake beds, and Salt Flats Joaquin Arnett and more we’re all familiar with the Chenowths during their time in Motorsport.

Due to this lineage and being an avid gamer, Randy was quickly attracted to sim racing. He got his start racing in leagues on Forza, and after about a year switched to PC and and from there began his expedition into endurance racing. Since his first ELMS race 2 months after becoming a member (which would later become NEO) Randy has run in every major Endurance Championship on the iRacing service. Through those years of competing, Randy racked up a number of top 5 finishes, a handful of podiums, started one of the most influential endurance racing teams on the service of New world Sim Sport, and is now manager at Fenix Motorsport after their merger with New world Sim Sport.

Through all of that Racing experience, Randy got his start commentating. After a Lap 1 crash at the NEO Endurance Barber 250, Randy hopped in the booth with Glacier TVs Wil Vincent and Joni Backman and commentated the remainder of the event. His knowledge, insight, and knack for appropriate (but mostly otherwise) humor got him back into the broadcast booth for other events, and allowed him to join the Racespot TV commentary stable shortly after the company was founded. Through that time Randy has been present on broadcasts of World Championship Series races, NEO Endurance series events, Endurance Championship events, 16th Street Racing League Events, as well as playing a key roll in organize the Morgan Schooley charity races as well as the Racespot TV 24 Hours of Spa.

When not iRacing or in a RaceSpot broadcast, Randy can usually be found playing Counter Strike at an exceptionally low level or criticizing Hugo Luis pit strategy.

Recent Experience

  • 2013

    Glacier TV

  • 2014-present

    RaceSpot TV