Oscar Hardwick

I’m Oscar Hardwick. Born and live in the United Kingdom. I’ve been sim racing for 9 years and commentating on sim racing for about 5 of those. I started out commentating on Live For Speed events and quickly became a regular voice on those broadcasts. I’ve spent almost all of my sim racing commentary time on endurance racing and have in that time become extremely familiar with the ins and outs of endurance racing as a discipline. After that I moved to Glacier and iRacing and later did some stints with Racespot notably the inaugural Racespot 24 Hours of Spa.

My focus in recent years has been on driving and becoming more competitive within the communities that frequent. The opportunity from Racespot to work on the Blancpain GT Series is something that I couldn’t pass up. It may mean that my focus shifts slightly away from competition for the time being but I am excited to be able to have the chance to call the shots on a group of spectacular drivers who have much more pace than I do.