Francisco Scaramuzza

Cisco is the perfect example of a person being born in the wrong place. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, motorsports wasn’t as big of a deal as other stick and ball sports. However, this didn’t matter much as Cisco often quelled his racing addiction in the virtual world in games like Midnight Club and Forza Horizon.

In the summer before he went to college, Cisco decided he wanted to start using his racing wheel again and jumped onboard the iRacing train. After realizing AI drivers are much easier than actual humans, he jumped on with the NoBull Motorsport League once he started school. Quickly, he was pulled into doing broadcasts for the league, but eventually stopped after not finding enough of a crew.

In 2015, from his past experience, he was brought into LSRTV to fill the role of a secondary producer. However, his situation would quickly shift as he was thrown into the role of Executive Producer in 2016. After grabbing a spot on the VLN Endurance Championship Broadcast Team, he began to work more with Hugo Luis, and eventually help bring two of the largest names in Sim Broadcasting together.

Currently, Cisco looks to reprise his spot for the VLN Championship in 2017, continue as Executive Producer at LSRTV, and help provide better and better coverage for sim racing as the year continues.

Cisco studies Sports Media and Broadcasting at Butler University in Indianapolis.

Recent Experience

  • 2015-present

    Live Sim Racing TV

  • 2016-present

    RaceSpot TV