Connery Maddick

Connery first joined the simracing community in 2012, quickly gaining an appreciation for and experience in both the road and oval disciplines on the iRacing service. Connery first started commentating for RaceSpotTV during the closing rounds of 2016 Season 2 of UK&I Monday Night Skippys, co-commentating with Rachael Whiteford and Linus Brostrom, who both helped introduce him to the craft. He has since gone on to become a regular on the UK&I Monday Night Skippys commentary team, also expanding into covering rounds of the ProtoGT series, KIA Cup and the 2K GT series.

Behind the wheel, Connery dabbles in both disciplines iRacing has to offer, but largely focuses on ovals, racing under the driver development program of Apex Racing UK (Apex Academy), focusing on running the NASCAR iRacing Series. Connery was also selected to be part of the UK&I team for both the semi-finals and final round of the World Cup of iRacing in 2015.

Recent Experience

  • 2016


    UK&I Monday Night Skippys and ProtoGT series commentary.