Cameron Walsh

From a young age Cameron has always been an enthusiast of two things: Motorsport and Video games. While this enthusiasm has certainly grown to include other things (Fords, for instance, and his loving Wife who puts up with said previous enthusiasms) his life has seemed to always involve one of those two things.

Growing up less than 6 miles away from Brewerton Speedway, known as the ‘D-Shaped Dirt Demon’, Cameron was introduced to motorsport early on, watching both his Uncles race Dwarf cars on Friday and NASCAR on Sunday (His favorite is still Terry Labonte). A healthy dose of Papyrus racing simulators such as CART racing, SODA Off-road racing, and of course NASCAR, set the stones for a passionate love for motorsport.

As early as 2003 Cam was exposed to cable internet, and with it, the ability to connect to the internet, at any time, without using the phone line. Obviously this was a great thing, and many nights were spent playing games online. The communities that he was a part of back then still influence today. He was introduced by a friend to a small, mostly forgotten game called Infantry Online. While the details of that game are irrelevant, the community had something Cameron hadn’t heard of before. Live commentary of gameplay over the internet. Long before streaming, or Twitch, or any sort of broadcasting, this small game had live announcing over Teamspeak channels nearly every day of the week, and even more with Leagues playing on the weekend. Cameron was, understandably, hooked.

It would take quite a number of years, but the two would eventually click.

After a long stint of playing Nascar Racing 2003, Cam came across Working his way up the license ladder with his trusty Microsoft Sidewinder wheel (Featuring USB 1.0!) he found himself seated in a car he’d never care to have known of before. The Lotus 79. Formula 1 was never a big interest in Cameron’s household, but this car was a riot to drive. The small community of enthusiasts and thrill seekers in the Lotus 79 proved to be a great challenge in a car that was thrilling and difficult. This community, known as the “Classic Teams Championship” is dedicated to having serious fun with respectable but close racing. For years Cam plied his trade as a mid-packer, having never scored a win in the Lotus 79 in his almost 3 years of racing the car. As his interest grew in not only Formula 1, but as well as all forms of Motorsport (Mostly in due part to iRacing’s active community) his willingness to help grow this small community swelled. It started with screenshot ‘pictures’ of races, which were used for the news stories reviewing the race. Then, after a brief exchange with the fastest, and most winningest (It’s a word!) Lotus 79 pilot Gernot Fritsche, Cam would take a step that has resulted in everything else that has followed. A highlight package was constructed by Fritsche of the Strength of Field races, anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes in length. Cameron would commentate this highlight reel every week, for two entire seasons (24 videos in total). While shaky, it was enough leg to stand on when he heard of the Racespot TV SPA 24 hour, the very first 24 hour race in’s history. After some conversations with Racespot TV Co-Founder Wil Vincent, Cameron was brought on board a few months ahead of the SPA 24.

Live coverage was something that was completely new to Cam, yet had an old, familiar feeling. As time went on, he helped color commentate for some of the biggest events Racespot TV has ever covered, from endurance racing, Grand Prix racing, Indycar, and a slew of special events. Cameron gives his rather unique and… well, American opinions on situations as they develop in quickfire, continuous commentary. He spends his off-time working in a factory as well as living happily with his Wife, his personal color commentary team Zoe the Jack Russell and Leo the cat, and sleepwatching late 80’s & early 90’s IMSA, Formula 1, NASCAR, and Indycar races.

The days of cramming as many words as possible into a 15 minute highlight reel may be over… Just don’t tell Cameron that.

(Cameron may or may not also be smug over the fact his Bio is the longest Ed Note: Though this isn’t true!)