Alvin Nieves

In what can be considered as a similar scenario where two drivers are involved in a traffic accident and both drivers end up exchanging phone numbers and having a beer afterwards, Alvin joined RaceSpot TV in 2015. Like many of the RaceSpot TV team, Alvin has always had an attraction towards various racing games and motorsports. Very early he could be found playing games like Gran Turismo, Need for Speed and 4×4 Evolution. However, in 2006 his passion towards sim racing reached new levels when his neighbor introduced him to GTR2. It was at that point that Alvin realized that there was no going back and started getting more involved in other sims as well like RACE 07 and rFactor, along with his first proper steering wheel.

In 2012 Alvin joined iRacing as part of a new subscriber special for the 120 Minutes of Thunder. Since then Alvin has been racing in various series and leagues, acquiring valuable knowledge and experience that has also carried over in his short commentary career. Also, Alvin does race control for various series, including NEO and all the 2k World Cup Series.

An engineer in real life, Alvin does not shy away from crunching numbers constantly during every race, bringing various strategies into analysis. An endurance racing junkie by nature, Alvin is part various endurance series, including the Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series (GES) and the iRacing VLN Endurance Series.

Did we mention that Alvin can also speak Spanish as well? Ask him kind enough during a broadcast to do an onboard in his native tongue and he will do it without hesitating, just don’t request an onboard around the Nordschleife yet!

Recent Experience

  • 2015-present

    RaceSpot TV