Aaron Likens

Aaron Likens has had interest in all things motorsports since the age of three. Growing up just a mile from the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Aaron took interest to all things 16th and Georgetown right away and always dreamed of taking the checkered flag in the Indy 500. To do this Aaron started racing karts at the age of 12 and eventually became an instructor at the Derek Daly Academy in Las Vegas.

Aaron’s racing career didn’t pan out, but since then he’s now an author and public speaker and still involved in motorsports serving as the chief starter for the SKUSA Pro Tour and USAC .25 national program. While not behind the wheel anymore Aaron’s love of sim racing is as ever present as ever dating back to the Indianapolis 500 game but when Grand Prix Legends came out Aaron had a hard time pulling himself away from turning lap after lap at Spa and the Ring.

While broadcasting was something Aaron didn’t think he’d ever do, Aaron responded to a casting call of sorts by Wil Vincent back in 2012 in what was a casting call of sorts. Aaron’s full time job is Autism Ambassador for Easter Seals Midwest which requires a lot of public presentations so it seemed like a good fit to join in with Wil on the revival of the 16th St Indycar league. Since then Aaron has been a staple with Wil on broadcasting Indycar events but has also filled in on WCS as well various other series as needed.

Recent Experience

  • 2012-present

    RaceSpot TV

    Several participations in 16th Street Racing League and iRacing\'s Indy 500 broadcasts.