Posted On:12.10.2015

RaceSpot TV are proud to announce that for the third year in succession, they will be broadcasting the 16th Street Racing League, sanctioned by IndyCar, and supported by RACER magazine, which promises to be its biggest series to date. Following over 5 years of competitions, the series takes on a new revamped format, and returns to Tuesday Nights for the first time since 2012.

RaceSpot TV’s coverage also marks the return of 16th Street’s long established commentary trio of Wil Vincent, Aaron Likens and Paul Jenkins, who feature also on coverage of the Indianapolis 500. The three have more than 4 years’ experience each covering top level open wheel sim racing competitions, including Indy 500s and the World Championship Grand Prix Series. Additionally, RaceSpot TV also cover the successful Sunday and Monday Night Skippy schedules, featuring some of the best worldwide talent of Sunday Nights before focussing on the United Kingdom and Ireland on Monday Nights.

Talking about the news, Wil commented:

“We’ve broadcast many series on RaceSpot TV over the years, and most of which have been exceptional. However my heart always lies with IndyCar. I still remember the first time I arrived at the corner of 16th and Georgetown for the Indy 500, and the league epitomises everything that the state of Indiana stands for in terms of sim racing.

We’re going to do all we can to help make this our most successful project yet, and look forward to strengthening our partnerships with iRacing, IndyCar and Racer magazine.”

Races will be broadcast through IndyCar’s Official YouTube page, emphasising the commitment of the series to promoting one of the world’s most successful Sim Racing franchises. Live Timing and scoring will also be made available through the RaceSpot TV Website, and races will be streamed on iRacing Live.