Posted On:09.01.2016

RaceSpot TV’s Jonny Simon brings on Paul Smith for the iRacing Road Pro Series 2015-16 Mid-Season Special with driver awards, predicted standings, driver potential, positives and praises as well as biggest disappointments, green and red flag stats and the Paul Smith Advice Line, which rectifies the issues of drivers that have mailed in to The Simon Racing Report.

You can watch the final three rounds of the iRacing Road Pro Series (9/1 Spa, 16/1 Monza, 23/1 Nurburgring) live at 13:30 GMT on iRacing Live and RaceSpot TV.


3:15 MVP
5:35 Most Improved
8:30 Exceeding Expectations Award (Romain Grosjean Award)
11:40 Team of the Season
15:25 Underrated Driver
19:24 Newcomer/Rookie of the Season
19:35 Predicted Final Standings
23:37 Predicted Top 25
25:47 Driver potential and predicted iWCGPS positions for 2016
27:38 Mental Mindsets and Martin Kronke
30:23 Positives and Praises
32:38 Biggest Disappointments
39:49 Green Flag Stats
42:56 Red Flag Stats
46:27 “I have a problem”, the Paul Smith Advice Line
59:01 Wrap up


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